Welcome, I’m so happy you’re here!

I was inspired to start this blog for a few of reasons…

First- It is not uncommon for my clients to come in and say  “What was that thing you said again…”  or “I tried that thing you said last time”. Hence, That Thing I Said In Session was born out of the busyness of all of our lives.  It’s tough to be fully present, it’s tough to remember everything.  So I’ll put it here, for eternity (or as long as I keep paying for the domain name), to be accessed whenever it’s needed.

Second- I hear from many, many friends and family members asking for tips on “this” or a good book on “that”.  I can now point them here… and now you can point your friends and family members here too.  Which brings me to my third reason…

Third- I believe mental health should be for everyone, not just those who can afford it, or those who have good insurance.  Access to help, information, and varying viewpoints is essential for healthy people, and healthy people are important for a healthy society.  So, my hopes are this reaches someone who needs it (many people would be even better!) and readers take away something that they may not have gotten otherwise.  After all, the world is a better place when we all care for one another.

All that being said, I do have to say this.  Although I am a licensed therapist, this blog is in no way intended to be a replacement for therapy, or an entrance into a therapeutic relationship between the reader and myself.

I’d be happy to take suggestions for post topics, however I cannot engage in personal discussions, diagnosis, or conversations that are therapeutic in nature.  If you are in need of emergency treatment please call 911.  Otherwise, call the customer number on your health insurance card or look through psychology today, goodtherapy.org, and other therapist specific search engines to find a suitable practitioner near you.

Thank you for understanding, and enjoy the blog!